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OFFF Porto

This year, Porto welcomes for the first time one of the largest and most important international festivals of creativity and contemporary creation - OFFF Festival.
2015 is not a random choice; OFFF is celebrating its 15th anniversary and OFFF Porto will be part of the festivities, after cities as Moscow (Russia) or Cincinnati (USA).

OFFF Porto will happen on October 23rd and 24th at Cinema Batalha, Porto, and will offer conferences, workshops, interventions and innumerous parallel activities.
You will be able to meet some of the most inspiring artists of our time, experiencing live what OFFF is all about: an open community to all those who seek inspiration, creation and innovation.

It’s the first time that Porto has such a big event where all energies are focused on the celebration of digital art, design and innovation; surely it will be a turning point.


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Born in Barcelona (1972), Héctor Ayuso has been working in the creative industries for over 20 years. Artist, filmmaker, creative director, storyteller, seeker, curator… why put a label on it? He thinks, and he makes. Whatever the details, all Héctor’s work is about creating unique experiences. He founded OFFF festival in 2000 and also co-founded Atelier, a unique education center in his native Barcelona. Atelier exists to feed future generations of creative minds: the people who will one day make things even more exciting than anything that’s come before. Héctor Ayuso


Hellohikimori™ (also known as HKI) is an independent creation studio from Paris founded in 2004 by Nathalie Melato and David Ronhel. Based in central Paris, on the historical ile de la cité, HKI™ is an independent design studio with cross-discipline expertise in graphic design, digital and motion graphics. The HKI™ team is a grouof innovative thinkers who consider each project as a challenge and a playground for collective creativity. As a member of the Adobe agency partner program, the team’s approach places quality above quantity. HKI


SOLID DOGMA is a small creative/production house with access to a vast pool of resources that spans the globe. It was founded by Alexandre Farto (Vhils) and Pedro Pires, renowned brand creator and adman. Acting in both local and global contexts, they exist to help agencies and brands put the most visionary ideas into practice, however unpractical they may seem. Whether you're thinking video, motion graphics, print, web design, corporate identity or 3D modelling, they’re geared for challenges and breaking new ground. Solid Dogma


The Londoner studio Spin began in 1992, founded by Tony Brook. Multi-disciplinary studio, they focus on the creation of powerful contemporary identities for an international clientele. Their work in print, motion and digital media has featured in many blogs, books, magazines and exhibitions worlwide. In 2009, Tony Brook in partnership with Adrian Shaughnessy created "Unit Edition" - an independent publisher specialized in publishing books "by designers for designers", visually and conceptually appealing. Spin


Mill+ is an integrated team of Mill directors and designers focused on concept-to-delivery creative partnerships. We create inventive, original content, backed by the artistry, scale and power of The Mill.
The Mill collaborate on award-winning moving image, design and digital projects for the advertising, games and music industries out of our studios in London, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Singapore. Their creative and talented artists are made up from multi-national and home grown backgrounds and their work is driven by their craft and the relationships we build at all levels with our clients. The Mill encourage and nurture innovation, flexibility and diverse ideas as part of their creative culture. This allows them to continue to offer world leading visual effects and creative solutions across their business around the world. mill+ The Mill


Vallée Duhamel is a studio founded by Julien Vallée and Eve Duhamel in Montreal, Canada. It specializes in high quality lo-fi videos, visuals, and installations, favouring a playful and experimental approach toward work. The studio creates images and videos for a wide range of clients from events to commercials, music, fashion, posters, magazines and objects. Google, Lacoste and Coca-Cola are among the brands they collaborated with. Vallée Duhamel


Vasava started up in Barcelona in 1997, today they are a communication studio with 18 young designers who specialize in cross-media projects: print, web, motion, 3D animation, and video. Vasava works for companies large and small, including well-known brands such as Nike, Rocawear, Adobe, Diesel, Mango, Budweiser and Red Bull. The studio's designers spend time on commercial work but also on awe-inspiring personal design, illustration and typography design that is displayed in exhibitions and books around the world. Vasava


Portuguese artist Alexandre Farto (1987) has been interacting visually with the urban environment under the name of Vhils since his days as a prolific graffiti writer in the early 2000s. His groundbreaking carving technique – which forms the basis of the Scratching the Surface series and was first presented to the public at the VSP group show in Lisbon in 2007 and at the Cans Festival in London in 2008 –, has been hailed as one of the most compelling approaches to art created in the street in the last decade. His unique approach and artwork have been garnering critical acclaim around the world Vhils


Workshop EDIT: UX-User Centered Design

Price: Regular Ticket + Workshop EDIT: UX - User Centered Design – 120€
Tutor: Diana Santos - UX Designer at Lookatitude - IT Services & Consulting; Country Manager - Portugal at Interaction Design Foundation

1. What is User-Centered Design (UCD)
2. Foundation
2.1. Early focus on users and their tasks
2.2 Evaluation and Measurement of product usage
2.3. Iterated Design
3. Meeting the User: User research
3.1. Statistic data
3.2. Interviews
3.3. Questionnaires
3.4. Contextual Inquiries
3.5. Focus Groups
3.6. Diary Studies
4. Implementing the Idea: Design Process
4.1. Personas and Scenarios
4.2. Sketches, Wireframes, Mockups and Prototypes
5. Getting it Right: Evaluation methods
5.1. All previous methods used on User Research
5.2. Think-Aloud
5.3. System Usability Scale
5.4. Web Analytics, including Heatmaps and Recordings

Workshop EDIT 2

Workshop EDIT: Digital Creativity

Price: Regular Ticket + Workshop EDIT: Digital Creativity – 120€
Tutors: Pedro Mesquita, Pedro Serrão and Filipe Mesquita - This is Pacifica.

Theme: Digital: The consented error.
The idea will be to explore the Error's role as an integral element of the creative process.From the attempt to the error, from the uncertainty to the foundation, from the chance to reality.

1. Introduction to the theme “Error with sense”
2. Teaching Objectives

Students will explore ways to:
1. become comfortable with uncertainty.
2. develop tools to interpret, contextualize and structure cognitively.
3. learn how to turn failures into opportunities.

1. Theory and grounding of the proposed theme.
2. Presentation of case examples / Historical and conceptual references.
3. Individual and collective project on the subject.

Workshop EDIT 1

Workshop with Vallée Duhamel

WorkShop OFFF Porto - Price: 150€
Tutor: Julien Vallée and Eve Duhamel

Theme: Using the theme of the absurd, participants will create an image using the aesthetics of their choice, connecting 2-3 simple elements so as to give them new meaning.

Topics covered:
1. Overview of case studies in current experimental design.
2. Introducing a range experimentation techniques throughout the creative process.
3. The experimentation process throughout the various stages of a project (presenting early ideas, the need to manage expectations, inspirational breakdowns, etc.)
4. Workshop to try one of these techniques under the theme of the absurd
(see complete syllabus for essential info!)

To get the most of of the workshop:
1. You will have 1 hour to complete your project, so it is best to arrive well prepared.
2. Think of several concepts that you may want to explore and look for items to build your image during the workshop (objects, scenery, backgrounds, accessories, styling elements, etc.)
3.If you prefer to work with illustration or collage, ensure to bring all the elements you need you will need.

Workshop Vallée


We carefully selected a group of artists that will show their work through projects created specifically for OFFF Porto and Cinema Batalha. These art interventions will take place inside and outside the venue, in order to create a conversation flow between the event and the city.


Ekta is a lab for Conception, Design, Production and Presentation of intermedia processes founded by André Rangel and Anne-Kathrin Siegel. Ekta exploits the interaction potential between the media in the process of structuring new models, aiming to expand the perception dimensions. Ekta works are often focused on emergent states built from pre-existing media, basing their composition syntax on today's computer programming languages. Ekta organizes time and space by planting information, forming perceivable situations modeled towards the presence of audience. 3kta


Based in Porto, atelier MaPa identifies a team of professionals dedicated to the study and deepening of the scope and dynamism of architecture, exploring the added value that the architect’s work may represent, questioning preconceptions, challenging attitudes, favoring communication, generating discussion and diluting borders. Founded by the architects Marco Araújo Teixeira e Patrícia Pacheco Pereira, it adopts a flexible structure that adapts to each project, collaborating with technicians, designers and artists, enabling the management of a comprehensive solution, properly articulated, where the two-way relationship with the client is privileged as the driving force for the development of the project. Atelier Mapa


Founded in 2013 by Prof. José Pedro Sousa, the Digital Fabrication Lab (DFL) is the Research Group of CEAU/FAUP dedicated to investigate the use of digital design and manufacturing technologies in the design and construction fields. The relevance of conducting research in this field relies in the fact that these technologies have dramatically expanded the geometric design possibilities and allowed for non-standard modes of production (mass-customization), from the scale of the building component to that of the building form. Dfl


HeavyM is a ready-to-use projection mapping software. It allows you to create visual animations and project them on real objects with a videoprojector. You can also use your own video contents and adapt them on your structures. In addition to be a tool, HeavyM is a community where happy people can share their ideas and project, help each other or express themselves. HeavyM’s concepts took shape during September 2011, within the scope of a student project at the ECE Paris’ college of engineering. Digital Essence is the company that has developed and runs HeavyM and it was founded in 2014 by Romain Da Costa, Etienne Mathé and Arnaud Berthonneau. HeavyM


STILL urban design is an urban design studio, founded in 2014 by João Cortesão and Sofia Pera, focused on the bioclimatic rehabilitation of outdoor spaces [public, collective and private], making them more attractive through a higher welfare based on thermal comfort. They incorporate bioclimatic design [a conception committed with the mediation between man, climate, and environment, regarding thermal comfort as crucial as accessibility or safety] taking the quality of outdoor spaces ‘beyond the expected’ – they potentiate fluxes and the permanence of people year-round. StillUrbanDesign


All non OFFF attendees are welcome to experience these activities since these areas are accessible to all! If you don’t have a ticket, come anyway and join the OFFF experience outside the conference room..

OFFF official party

Will be held on Saturday 24th October in Maus Hábitos (Rua de Passos Manuel 178 4º). Come celebrate and dance the night away!

Line up:
Coma Purveyors of fine Cologne stomp since 2007, Coma knows how to incite a crowd. It's the sort of knowledge that you don't learn simply as you go along, it's something you already bring to the table, and in Coma's case, that first table was Cologne's c-o pop festival.

Matias Aguayo Chilean-born and German-raised, has made a hugely varied body of genre defying/melding work a blend of deep shadows framed by blinding tropical sun. No matter the tag placed on his tracks, the primary focus and platform for building his music is, what he has always considered his main instrument, his voice.


OFFF market

We’re presenting OFFF Market, where awesome brands and shops will be present!
From design books to accessories, the latest trends will occupy the corners of Cinema Batalha. We will also have a tattoo both for the brave ones; just bring the draw you want to ink ☺


OFFF food corner

Our food corner will give you the opportunity to refuel between and after conferences with delicious foods and tasty drinks. Moustache – Coffee House and its finest selection of coffees and cakes, will be one of the incredibly awesome options available.
We’ll divulge the others very soon!

Food Corner

OFFF projection Room

Sala Bebé (Baby Room) is Batalha’s small projection room built in the 70s under the main theater.
For us, it’s one of the most incredible rooms we’ve ever seen! With green velvet-like carpeting on the floor, walls and seats the room resembles a David Lynch movie. During the festival, Sala Bebé will become a Projection Room and Cineclube do Porto will be encharged of the programming.
The screenings will include animation films and videos related with OFFF festival and with the speakers of OFFF Porto.

Projection Rooom

OFFF lounge

Not only you get to enjoy the conferences with renowned international artists, but you also get to chill and hang out at our venue lounge areas.

We will have bars, puffs and DJs!


tickets & infos


Available at Last2Ticket Last2Ticket
Early Bird Ticket € 35.00 SOLD OUT
Regular Ticket € 50.00

Regular Ticket + Workshop EDIT: Digital Creativity € 120.00
Regular Ticket + Workshop EDIT: UX - User Centered Design € 120.00
Workshop OFFF Porto: Vallée Duhamel € 150.00


Cinema Batalha - Praça da Batalha - 4000-101 Porto


How to get there

SubwaySão Bento (Yellow Line) or Bolhão (Green, Red, Purple, Orange and Blue Line)
Bus 207, 400, 904, 905, 11M (Night Network), 22 (Tram)
Parking: Rua Alexandre Herculano, 385, 4000-053 Porto

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Typeless is a multidisciplinary studio based in Porto, co-founded by Alex Machado, Bruno A. Sousa and Armando Oliveira and later joined by Inês Santos.
Providing design and audiovisual solutions for creative and commercial projects, Typeless aims to develop an innovative response where contemporary art, architecture and creative thinking become one. We want to experiment across materials, approaches and supports.
Founded in 2014, our prime goal is to create a fully-integrated response through several collaborations with other thinkers and creative artists.
Typeless Playground is our R&D branch, where we explore new techniques and more experimental points of view. Promoting dialogue and interaction with the public, we intent to create conferences, exhibitions and workshops able to awaken everyone’s critical consciousness. OFFF Porto is the first result of this will.


We'd love to have you on board! For sponsorship opportunities, please email us at

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